FuJian Sugu Culture and Creative Co.Ltd

FuJian Sugu Culture and Creative Co.Ltd is founded in 2012, registered capital is ten million Yuan. Our company is focus on designing creative products、organize different kinds of cultural activities、provide services for expo design and coffee support.
No sugar coffee is a coffee brand under our company which is founded in 2015. The location of the café is in FuDa YiShan culture garden, the inside area of café is around 580 square meters. Good quality coffee, nice service and reasonable price are our competitiveness. Also our baristas are prize winners in many domestic competitions.
In 2017, our second store was opened in Shen Zhen city; locate at lobby of Chuangtou building. Be honor to report that first month sale report and reputation are awesome.
Our core ideologies are be positive, step by step and service more people. Following above core ideology we are trying to be the best in creative design, cultural exchange and expo service these three areas. We are planning to open ten more no sugar cafes in three years and be more influence in local market in five years.
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No Sugar Coffee
 No sugar coffee is founded in 2015, we provide specialty coffee and good working and relaxing environment for different customers. Since today we have a lot of loyalty customers.
Creative design
Our team has over five years working experiences and our team leader is graduated from five Stars University in Australia. Many our design and idea are deeply accepted and own good customer relationship.
Cultural exchange
We were success organized many good quality cultural activities. Also the second floor of our no sugar café is the place which use for cultural activity.
Expo service
We have professional team help you to get success in the expo.